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Let’s build your ideal home.

NW Manufactured Homes prides ourselves on the fine details and quality construction so you can trust us to deliver award-winning designs that combine flexible space with fantastic value, all in the timeframe you need. We represent the best combination of price and quality in the marketplace! Our homes are located in rural neighborhoods and urban districts in a variety of sizes — perfect for couples or larger families looking for unique spaces and exceptional quality.
Today’s modern manufactured and modular homes are built with high quality materials. They are cost-effective, and can include many amenities, and save consumers both time and money. Modern designs are suitable for a variety of uses including vacation homes, mother-in-law units, retirement homes, rental properties, and primary residences.
The homes are built of the same standard as new stick built homes – but are built in the factory under strict guidelines providing a very high quality product… a massive savings per square foot over stick built.

Manufactured Beautifully for every stage in life
Why Factory-crafted Construction is a Better Way to Build

It may be hard to imagine building a home in a factory, but compared to building on site, there are some big advantages: Controlled environment – Homes built in a factory aren’t exposed to the elements. Time – Electrical, plumbing and every other construction process are done at the factory. This eliminates the scheduling hassles that slow down site-built construction. And we’re not subject to the same weather delays you experience when everything is built on site. Cost – Building a factory-crafted home produces very little waste – and, because we buy construction materials in large quantities, we can offer lower prices by passing the savings along to you.

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